Collection: Starter Kits

Starter units for the beginner vaper if you're new, or a seasoned vet looking for an upgrade.

Vaping can be made easy with a wide array of products available at Futuristic Vapes.

Our selection will offer all sizes and styles of starter vaping kits: 

  • Refillable, Rechargeable Vaping Kits.
  • Ranging from smaller $19.99 devices to bigger, better devices for those who need more vapor production. 
  • Premium Brands Offered such as GeekVape, Uwell, SMOK, Freemax and MORE!
  • Competitive Pricing On All Products.

Our staff at Futuristic Vapes are well trained and knowledgeable to answer all your questions about anything vaping. Make Futuristic Vapes your go-to vape shop today.