Collection: Ultra Revolver Pod System - Multi-Pod System

Discover the all-new Ultra Revolver Pod System! This device features 4 chambers that will take 4 reload Pods! Each Pod is 2mL, and a wide variety of flavours are available. 

The Revolver Device features a OLED screen that gives you insightful information such as remaining "E-Juice" capacity per each pod, and battery life! With a larger battery, and the ability to Mix n' Match your flavours, the fun doesn't have to end so quick. 

Load the Revolver with your pods, and switch with ease! The indicator will let you know how much E-Juice is remaining in each Pod as you switch through them. 

Here you will find the battery options, in white and black for the low price of $15.99!

You will also find the Reload Pods - sold in a 4 pack for $22.99.