STLTH 1K Disposable
STLTH 1K Disposable
STLTH 1K Disposable


STLTH 1K Disposable

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STLTH 1K Disposable Vape

Experience the next level of vaping convenience with the STLTH 1K Disposable. Crafted by the renowned STLTH team, this sleek and compact device offers up to 1,000 puffs, making it the perfect companion for those on-the-go. Designed to fit effortlessly in your pocket, the STLTH 1K ensures you never have to compromise on performance or portability.

At Futuristic Vapes, we've carefully selected the top-performing flavours to enhance your vaping experience. Our STLTH 1K Disposable collection includes:

  • American Tobacco: A robust and classic tobacco flavour that delivers a rich, satisfying hit.
  • Quad Berry Ice: A refreshing blend of four distinct berries with a cool menthol finish, perfect for a fruity and invigorating vape.
  • Mint: Crisp, clean, and invigorating, our mint flavour provides a refreshing burst of menthol with every puff.

Each disposable device comes pre-filled with 2mL of e-liquid containing 20mg of nicotine, providing a smooth and satisfying throat hit. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, the STLTH 1K Disposable offers a hassle-free, high-quality vaping experience.

Discover the STLTH 1K Disposable at Futuristic Vapes, where we cater to all your vaping needs. Big or small, we've got it all!

STLTH 1K Disposable