B.C. E-Substance Regulations & How It Will Affect Us - September 15, 2020

Futuristic Vapes wants to keep you informed, please read this post thoroughly to understand the changes made by our Provincial Government in regards to Vaping.

The Provinical Government of British Columbia has released new regulations for Vaping in BC, packaging, and Nicotine Caps. 

We will go into depth how Futuristic Vape's will be implementing these new standards, transition periods, and how we will find you a solution.

E-Substance Regulations of BC
July 20th, 2020 was the day these new regulations were enacted. Existing vape shops, such as Futuristic Vapes, will have a "grace-period" until September 15th, 2020 to gain compliancy. Below will be topics we will cover and explain.

  • 20mg/mL Nicotine Cap (Maximum will be 20mg)
  • 30mL Maximum Bottle Size 
  • Nicotine-Free E-Juice (0mg) is no longer compliant. 
  • Maximum Tank Size will be 2mL
  • Plain Packaging on all E-Substances (E-Juice) 
  • Flavoured Products are only to be sold in adult-access only stores (Such as Futuristic Vapes, or any vape shop) 
  • Significant back-end paperwork (We will go into this topic later in this e-mail) 

Existing Stock at Futuristic Vapes 
We are currently minimizing orders of new stock to ensure that we have a timeframe to meet compliancy. Unfortunately, due to this, we may see shortages from now until September 15th. Our current stock will be on our shelves until September 14th, on the 15th we will rotate our entire inventory to compliant inventory according to the guidelines listed above. 

  • Keep an eye open to be sure you are stocked up during this transition, please call us if you would like to ensure your products are in stock. 
  • Coils are unaffected as far as we know!
  • Futuristic Vapes only works with Canada's best distribution facilities to ensure a "smooth" transition, however it could be bumpy, we apologize in advance for any unforeseen circumstances. 
  • September 14th will be the last day our existing inventory will be on our shelves. 
  • Futuristic Vapes will be hosting sale events until September 15th, stay updated!

Sales events will be announced soon, however, inventory may vary. 

Nicotine Cap of 20mg/mL
The maximum amount of Nicotine available for purchase in BC will be 20mg/mL. This affects both e-liquid and pods (Such as JUUL and STLTH). This may freak you out a little bit, however, we have solutions that will make this transition easier. Below will be some examples of solutions, and always feel free to ask our staff what would work best for you. At Futuristic, we believe where there is a will there is a way!

  • First off, we recommend if you are at a high dosage, such as 50mg/mL, you make an immediate transition to 35mg/mL to ease the process. 
  • Secondly, one important thing to remember is, Nicotine delivery is NOT solely based on the Nicotine level. Other factors such as: Device, Power levels, and Airflow do determine how much Nicotine you can absorb!
  • Continuing off our last point, if for example, you use the STLTH at 35mg/mL Nicotine, there is not much power out of the STLTH. Just to make things easy, let's say the STLTH delivers power at 8 Watts. A simple solution would be something that delivers more power, such as the Uwell Caliburn, with more "airflow" and 11 Watts. More power tied in with a lower dosage of nicotine may be what you are after! End of the day, we want to ensure you are satisfied and pleased with reducing your nicotine levels. 

Most importantly, we are here to assist you. Never hesitate to ask how we can make the best out of your experience! We have been "vapers" for many, many years and we have helped over 5,000 people to this day!

30ML Maximum Bottle Size 
This caught us off-guard as well. If you are a "freebase" nicotine user, this unfortunately affects you directly. Futuristic Vapes is working hard with our partners to try and minimize the cost on these smaller bottles versus the traditional 60mL bottles you may have been accustomed to. We will keep you updated closer to the end of the transition period with pricing and pricing structures.

  • Maximum Bottle Size of 30ML. This affects all E-Juice in BC. 
  • Futuristic Vapes and our partners (Your favourite E-Juice brands) are working hard to minimize the price differences.
  • We recommend taking advantage of our specials until September 15th.
Deals: Buy 3 Get 1 Free 60ML / $30 100mL / 2 For $50 60ML

Maximum Tank Size of 2ML
Unfortunately, after September 15th, sales of devices/tanks/vapes with a capacity of more than 2mL will be prohibited. What we know so far is that devices holding more than 2mL will be prohibited, however, devices that already exist with a large capacity, may in fact come back into production with a compliant reservoir (2mL). We recommend that if you are planning on upgrading, now is the time to take advantage while it's around. Below are a couple key-points: 

  • Maximum tank/reservoir/pod size will be 2ML, this affects all E-Liquid vaporizers. 
  • Parts for those devices above 2mL may be modified for compliancy, we will update you if more information comes in. 
  • Now is the time to upgrade if you were planning to do so! 

We will be hosting sales closer to the transition period ending, however we cannot ensure stock quantities. 

Plain Packaging on ALL E-Liquids/Pre-Filled Pods
The BC Provincial Government has called for Plain Packaging for all E-Substances containing Nicotine (Nicotine-Free is now Prohibited). Key factors to keep in mind:

  • Due to plain packaging, your brand of e-liquid and/or flavour name may have changed. Rest assured, we will keep track of these changes and notify you prior to purchase. 
  • We do not have confirmation if we can continue to have our menu's with pictures and descriptions. We apologize if this is the case. We will find a way around it! 
  • Nicotine-Free liquids are prohibited. Options closest to Nicotine-Free may become available for those trying to minimize their Nicotine intake.

Most venders have an idea on what plain packaging should look like, based on their own interpretations, however, the BC government hasn't listed any mandates as to what meets their guidelines. Some packaging may be altered multiple times to gain compliancy. We will do our best to keep up with this, and keep you informed of changes.

Flavoured E-Liquids & Back-End Paperwork
The BC Government has prohibited flavours from being sold in "all-age access" stores such as Gas Stations and/or Convenience Stores. Futuristic Vapes has and always will be an Adult Access only store, which gives us the green light to continue selling flavoured E-Liquids. The Government has also buried us with paperwork, including Notices Of Intent for any new brands/flavours of E-Juice we wish to carry. As far as we know, we have a (6) week lead-time to file paperwork to approve a new product before we are authorized to sell. Below are key points and more information: 

  • Flavoured E-Juice/Pods are ONLY to be sold in Adult Access Only Stores, such as Futuristic Vapes and your local vape shop.
  • "All-Age Access" store such as Gas Stations, can only carry "Tobacco Flavours" 
  • Delays in new products may occur due to increased back-end paperwork. This affects us more than anything, however, we want to keep you in the loop if you notice new products are slow to appear. 

As far as we know, flavours are untouched for us. However, knowing the Government, we are at their mercy and things can be changed last minute.

To summarize this post, Vaping in BC has been directly affected due to these regulations. Changes have been made, and we were not given much time to adapt and change in a timely manner as other industries are usually given (Eg: Tobacco & Liquor). We have been in a bad light with the government since the beginning of vaping, and we have never given up since! Futuristic Vapes will one way or another be here to serve you, and have solutions towards these problems. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to answer your questions and/or concerns to the best of our abilites! Be sure to stay up to date on our Facebook Page (@FuturisticVapes) for all the latest updates as they roll in. 


Futuristic Vapes 

This information is relayed from the "B.C.'s E-Substance Regulation" under the "Public Health Act" and is only relayed for consumer education and in no way does this reflect Futuristic Vapes views and/or opinions. Recommendations made are solely for each customers discretion and will be treated as a recommendation. This e-mail may contain typos, and we did our best to ensure misinformation has been removed, Futuristic Vapes would like to apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause you. 


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