Disposables - Great entry into vaping, is it sustainable to use in the long run?

Disposables have taken the spotlight in the vaping world, it's like we discovered sliced bread again! 

A Disposable Vape is a device that is created as a one-time use device. It is a pre-filled pen that is activated by inhaling and the puffs are pre-determined based on the amount of liquid inside the pen. For context of this blog, we will be discussing the average cost of a disposable and average size of a disposable based on BC regulations. These vapes do not require any filling and/or charging. They are what they are named. You puff on it until the light flashes, and you "dispose" of it and repeat the process with a new one. 

At Futuristic Vapes, we like to a different view on new trends and really break things down for our clients.

**First off, this is not a sponsored blog write-up, there are plenty of conflicts-of-interests since we sell both "disposables" and "refillable" products. Everything that we sell at Futuristic is 3rd-party, we do not hold any stakes and/or partnerships with any companies we sell, we make our income from selling you these products in accordance with Provincial/Federal laws. The following are Neil's opinions and  Point-Of-View, and does not directly reflect the viewpoints of Futuristic Vapes**

Ah yes, going back to it. I'm here to breakdown some simple math, for you know, when the math isn't mathin'. So without further adieu, let's get into it!

Disposables have had a lot of great standouts in the market over the past 4 years, with new innovative designs all the way to the funky flavours we've grown accustomed to and love on a daily basis. However, does this come at a price compared to the "traditional" way of vaping, and if so, how does it all add up?


These new pocket-friendly, on-the-go devices have their place, I just think at $18 a pop after taxes, costs can definitely add up. You see, when you first begin your vaping journey, an $18 disposable versus a $60-75 Starter Kit, the disposable is easier to buy. That $18 disposable offers approximately 600-1000 puffs based on the device in question and packs 2mL of E-Juice at a Nicotine level of 20mg/mL. A pack-a-day smoker may deplete this device in a day or two. Half a pack smoker may double the lifespan at 2-4 days, and so on! 

While I agree that a new vaper who is looking to transition away from traditional cigarettes should try out any form of vaping; a disposable is one of many entry points into vaping. You can test out the mechanics of vaping: Vapour production, throat-hit, nicotine satisfaction, and how portable these vapes really can be. The best part is, there is no set-up, no charging, just rip the packaging and vape away. You might even think, gosh, this is amazing, why didn't I switch over sooner? 

Let's breakdown the costs of smoking cigarettes versus switching to vaping via Disposables with Joe below:

Joe Smith - 34 Years Old - Smokes 1 (20 Pack) of Cigarettes a Day
Joe tries his first disposable at $18 (2mL/20mg) - AMAZING, this is great!
Joe finishes his disposable in 2 days = $18/2 = $9 Per Day Costs 
In the span of 30 days, Joe spends = $270 on Disposable Vapes

Here is a picture of Joe's Disposables in the span of a month: 

Compared to cigarettes, Joe is still saving quite some money, if Joe's cigarettes cost him $18 per day, Joe is spending = $540 on Cigarettes. 

Joe has saved $270 compared to Cigarettes by switching to disposables!

So, what gives? What's the harm in disposables? Let's dive into that. Disposables are undisputedly the most convenient method to vape, let's get that out of the way. However, with convenience comes extra costs.

Now, one of the most asked questions I come across when it comes to new vapers is: How can I save even more money?

Traditional Vaping is the answer. A refillable device alongside a bottle of liquid. A refillable vape would be a rechargeable, reusable device, and a bottle of liquid. You will have a Pod/Coil that is to be changed weekly/bi-weekly depending on your usage of this device, this keeps your flavour tasting fresh and prevents issues such as leaking and spitting. This method of vaping is the "cheapest" and opens up more flavour combinations and nicotine strengths to tailor your vaping experience. 

We have already established the cost of an average Disposable Vape, remember, the $18 you spend for each one, is a reoccurring cost if you continue, meaning you will spend that exact amount each time for a new one. 

This time, let's break down what a traditional refillable vape will cost you initially, and what the "reoccurring" costs may be: 

1 Refillable Vape - $30
1 Bottle of E-Juice - $27
Grand Total: $57

Here is a picture of Joe's new Refillable Vape and his new E-Juice: 

For this, we used the numbers as an average, some starter refillable vapes can cost as low as $19.99

Your refillable device, if taken care of, on average has a lifespan of 16 months.

Given the Pod/Coil can be considered a perishable component, they have an average cost of $5 each. This is something that eventually wears out and is something to be changed on ALL refillable vapes. This is considered a reoccurring cost. Typically, once every week to two weeks depending on your usage.

Also, since your E-Juice is a consumable, just like a disposable, this is considered a reoccurring cost.

Let's bring Joe back in here to work with some figures. Here's the difference between Joe's 30 day's of disposables versus 30 day's of Traditional Vaping:

Joe spends about $9/Day using Disposables (Each one lasts him 2 days @ $18 Each)

Joe buys a refillable device, and a bottle of e-juice = $57

Joes device comes with (2) refillable pods, considering each one lasts about 2 weeks, Joe is good for about 30 days. 

Joe now spends $1.90/Day using this refillable device over the same span of time he would be using Disposables @ $9/Day. 

That is a $7.10 per day difference. 

Even if Joe loses his entire purchase within 2 weeks, he would still be saving an enormous amount of money. 

*These numbers are based off Joe's Disposables Consumption*

To wrap this up, if you are a disposable user, it's not a bad way to vape. I agree disposables are super convenient and that it does have it's time and place. On the flip-side, if you are going through 2 or more disposables in a 7-day span, it may be a better idea to grab a refillable device and lessen the costs of vaping! 

- Neil @ Futuristic Vapes 

TLDR; Disposables are IN, and it's hot! However, if you don't pay attention to your usage, you will be spending more money than necessary. Switch to a refillable vape as the cheapest method of vaping, with more options for Nicotine Strengths and Flavours. Save your wallet, help lessen waste, and enjoy the journey!


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